Zhuhai 4 types of uninhabited islands recommend you to enjoy the island life

If you want to have this feeling, but you don't have a island of your own, then turn yourself into a free fish, then turn away from the city and head to the islands of Zhuhai seaside.

If you have money, if you have leisure, if you still have fun, you can buy an uninhabited island, avoid the hot summer days, or do a drifting Robinson to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to have this feeling, but you don't have a island of your own, then turn yourself into a free fish, then turn away from the city and head to the islands of Zhuhai seaside.

Guishan Island

"Friends of one faction" type: Guishan Island finale: sea fishing, white dolphin island archives: Guishan Island is only 3 nautical miles from Lantau Island in Hong Kong, with more than 2,000 residents, the most populous of the Wanshan Islands. Guishan sea fishing is very famous among Hong Kong and Macao tourists. You can experience different fishing fun in the 3,200 square kilometers Hong Kong and Macao yacht fishing area and cage fishing area in the surrounding waters. Every year, Guishan hosts a variety of fishing competitions, which always attract a large number of fishing enthusiasts. Sitting on the yacht, cruising around the island, with the snow and white waves rising after the boat, suddenly a group of dolphins leaping and jumping on the sea, one after another. It’s too late to turn on the camera, and the magnificent scenery has disappeared. This is the Chinese white dolphin. It is impossible to see the white dolphin. Guishan is rich in seafood and has more than 2,000 tons of seafood. If you are interested, you can go to the fishing raft to observe, learn the fishermen's brothers to feed the fish, start the cage, wash the cage, etc. You can also fish in the fishing row and taste the delicious seafood. Guishan Patch: There is a fixed flight to and from Xiangzhou Wharf in Zhuhai City. The journey takes about 35 minutes and the fare is 52 yuan per one way. There are many seafood restaurants nearby on the island. There are no tickets for the island's attractions except for the Xiaodongshan Ecological Park ticket of 30 yuan.

Lotus island

"couples paired" type: the shoulder-line drama of the island of the island: long beach, crab, exotic flower island file: the island is located in the southwestern part of Zhuhai, is an island with excellent original ecological features, covering an area of ​​13 square kilometers, with 8 Bay, 12 beaches and 2 rocky beaches. From the pier on the island to the hotel, there are colorful wildflowers and wearys, and maybe we can see the bison on the island. With a total length of 4 kilometers, Da Nan Bay Beach is the longest beach in Zhuhai Island. It can be used for beach soccer, beach volleyball and even beach tug-of-war. It is also a pleasure to exile yourself along the beach without purpose. Due to the excellent ecology of the island, the island is full of countless exotic flowers and rare trees, and the flowers and plants here have a wild beauty. Yellow eucalyptus, sea mango, and pandanus trees compete for each other. In particular, the flowers of the yellow banyan tree are very strange, changing four colors every day, the morning is pale yellow, the morning turns orange, the afternoon turns orange, and the night becomes big red. It is natural to spend more on the bees. There are many kinds of butterflies living in the mountains of the island, but please don't chase it because you love the beauty of butterflies. The beauty of life is vital. The most fun thing is that at night, the two men hold hands to catch crabs, a flashlight, a bucket, and go back and forth on the beach with bare feet, playing hide and seek with sand crabs in the moonlight. After returning home, let the hotel's master help to make the sand crabs that have been caught back into porridge, fresh and staying up all night and full of love. Purse patch: It takes about 30 minutes by boat to get to the island of Xiangzhou in Zhuhai City. Tickets for the island are 20 yuan, the transportation bus on the island is 15 yuan/person (round trip), and the ticket is 60 yuan/person (round trip). Island holiday home, hotel 260 ~ 300 yuan / room, tent 30 yuan / person.

Dongao Island

"Three-House": Dongao Island finale: Diamond Beach, water and underwater activities, Dongao Sambo Island Archives: Dongao Island is located in the south-central part of the Wanshan Islands, covering an area of ​​4.62 square kilometers. It is an early development of Zhuhai. Classic island. The forest coverage rate of Dong'ao Island is 82%, and the 10th scenic spot of Zhuhai “Lidao Silver Beach” is Dongao Island. Nansha Bay on Dongao Island enjoys the reputation of “Diamond Beach”. Shabai wins snow and the water is clear. It is a good place for swimming and surfing. On a hot summer day, soaking in the cool waters, counting the small fish swimming in the water, is fun. There are also a variety of water and underwater activities that make a family of three happy and happy. Dong'ao is rich in seafood. Among them, the generals hat, dog claw snail and Shi Jiugong are called “three treasures of Dongao”. The delicious food is very delicious, and the original cooking is delicious, which makes people eat and move. Dongao Patch: Xiangzhou Ferry Terminal in Zhuhai City has a fixed flight to and from East Australia. The journey takes about 50 minutes and the fare is 50 yuan. Tickets for the attraction are 20 yuan, and there are many seafood restaurants near the island's pier.

Wailu Island

"Spiritual loneliness" type: Wailing Island finale drama: Wen Tianxiang, the eight-view island archives: Wen Tianxiang and his famous "Overseas Ocean", so that the 3.7 square kilometers of the exquisite island is known by the people. On the island, a huge and dark rock is engraved with the dragonfly and the phoenix-like "Tongyu Yang": "...there is a fear of the beach head saying that it is fearful, and sighing in the ocean. Who has died since ancient times, and he has taken the heart of the heart!" The sigh of the sighs echoed, and it turned out to be an endless, shocking and extremely dark blue. Perhaps, with this tragic mood, we can appreciate the deep and broad sea, the deep blue of fear. Ascend to the top, the islands are dotted, like a game of chess, let your thoughts gallop, pointing to the mountains. The sea is a chessboard, and I don’t know who can play this game? Outer patch: Zhuhai City Xiangzhou Wharf has a fixed flight to and from Wailu Island, with a journey time of about 2 hours and a one-way fare of 68 yuan. There are 147 charming islands in the Zhuhai Outlying Islands. There are many beautiful beaches offering abundant water and underwater activities. You can enjoy the magnificent sea and sky scenery on the island, enjoy the mysterious island style and taste the rich seafood dinner. The best way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also take a fishing boat and go fishing with the fishermen to watch the rare white dolphins and feel the night of the fishing boat. Island sunshine is more powerful, there are mosquitoes, it is best to bring some sunscreen equipment and anti-mosquito measures, if seasickness, it is best to bring some anti-seasickness drugs. Island seafood is cheaper, but things shipped from outside the island are more expensive, and it is better to have a choice when it comes to consumption. (Xinhua)

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