Xi'an Northwest University, son-in-law of Athena, President Dong Yan was granted "Ray"

"Sister-in-law" sculpture
Nu Wa and Athena are the characters of Chinese mythology and Greek mythology, respectively. Recently, netizens discovered the sculptures of son-in-law and Athena in the modern college of Xi’an Northwest University. However, the faces of the two sculptures were changed by the creators and replaced by the two female school directors of the school. face. “The school manager became a son-in-law and Athena.” On the 6th, after the photos were posted on the Internet, netizens shouted “Ray”. In the face of doubts from netizens, the school admitted that at the time of making the sculpture, it was considered improper.
The sculpture is called "guardian god"
On the 6th, at a number of domestic well-known forums, the netizen “Three Green Kings” posted that two "Ray Man" sculptures were placed in front of the library of the Northwestern University's Modern College, and the figures were Greek mythological figures "Athena." "And the Chinese mythological figure" son-in-law ". The description of the sculpture shows that the faces of the two sculptures are the two directors of the school. In the explanation of the “Athena” sculpture, the sculptures are also called “the patron saint” of Northwestern University.
The inscription on the lower part of the sculpture is about "Athena" and it is accompanied by the school's explanation: "Athena's faces were taken from the founding director of the Institute, Ms. Guo, in order to show that Ms. Guo is a permanent memorial to the college's significant contribution to land acquisition." Not far The face of the “female-in-law” sculpture was taken from the founding director, Ms. Li. The creative writer of the two sculptures is Liu Jiaquan, who is the dean of the modern college of Northwest University.
Athena sculpture
Some students think funny
Once this post was published, it quickly attracted users' controversy. Most netizens commented that the move was in the mythical figures. There are also netizens who say that using the faces of school directors to create mythological sculptures is very inappropriate. This is too much.
For the school’s creative sculpture, most of the students in the school believe that it is more “ridiculous”. Wang Hong (a pseudonym) of 2011 engineering management major told reporters that there are many sculptures in the school. The two are really special because the sculpture is very high, but this approach is very funny. However, Wu Jing (a pseudonym) at the 2009 level of the school stated that the school may be trying to inspire them.
The hospital frankly considers the defect
On the afternoon of the 6th, Director Cao of Modern College of Northwest University told reporters that the two sculptures were purely works of art. "Who has seen the son-in-law or Athena?" He said that since it is a work of art, there will certainly be some ideas. After all, art comes from life, higher than life. Director Cao also stated that as described in the sculpture description, the face of the goddess was changed to the face of the two directors of the school to commemorate the contribution of the two directors to the establishment of the school. Regarding the female director's comparison with the ancient goddess, he admitted that the hospital had considered the problem when making sculptures.

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