Weibo into marketing weapon VANCL classic "bib marketing"

Microblogging, an exotic product inherited from the foreign Twitter model, is now gradually deepening into the Chinese Internet. Similar to foreign countries such as the US presidential election and the top-ten microblogging public relations marketing of the top 500 companies, microblogging has gradually become a Chinese company to disseminate information in a timely manner and increase users. Sticky marketing tool with business. VANCL, Changan Ford, "New Weekly" and other corporate micro-blogs have become the first bib stars to succeed with micro-blogging.

The reporter learned that senior media such as "New Weekly" and "Entrepreneur" now regard the updating and interaction of microblogging as a task for some reporters and editors, and even more so for companies such as VANCL. It is reported that VANCL brand, market and other relevant staff are required to open microblogs in Sina and other places. Updating microblogs is also considered as part of the KPI assessment of employees.

Weibo is a miniature blog with a length of 140 words or less. On the microblogging platform, people can share what they see and hear anytime, anywhere. Pictures, links, and text can be completed via the Internet, SMS, MMS, and 3G mobile phones. No title and article ideas are needed. Instant inspiration can be easily published. , and was shared by the virus.

Domestic microblogs have been tepid before. In 2009, Sina, a well-known domestic portal, started microblog. Similar to Sina Blog’s opening of the year, Sina Weibo still used the star route as a label for new product promotion. Yao Chen, Li Bingbing, Li Yuchun, and Li Kaifu, Huang Jianxiang and other stars became Sina’s first “neck friends” and made this one. Products have less political taste and more entertainment and commerciality.

In foreign countries, Twitter's stickiness has also been noticed by more and more businesses. Twitter has even developed a "brand channel": companies can build pages around brands in Twitter, and at the same time form a variety of brand groups to gather fans of the same brand. Enterprises can send new products and promotional information to users through the platform. In Twitter, which was founded in 2006, many companies have pioneered experimental fields, and domestic companies with keen sense of smell are also imitating learning, combining microblogs with this form of attempt and marketing.

Industry analysts believe that VANCL's microblogging marketing can be written into business textbooks. Vancl has more ties with Sina Weibo: “First of all, some of the people who regularly go to Sina Weibo are absolute “internet citizens,” and they are not only Weibo’s user base but also the quasi-user groups of online shopping apparel. At the beginning of its establishment, Sina Weibo created a fun name for its own 'collar', and VANCL provided a real collar as a prize, and Sina and the company jointly presented the VANCL brand collar to relevant users."

On VANCL's Weibo, we can find this rapidly rising company is dealing with the Internet's sophisticated experience: At the same time, it will launch a 1 yuan spike to buy 888 yuan worth of clothes to stimulate the fragile nerves of fans. At the same time, Yao Chen will be drawn through gifts. And celebrities such as Xu Jinglei interact with VANCL's products. In addition, Vancl not only moved out of the best-selling fashion designers to tell the story behind the design, but also has a small employee who has just been employed for three months to express sentimental feelings and strengthen the company's "spirit chicken soup" image......

According to Cao Zenghui, chief editor of Sina Weibo Channel, “The number of companies that use microblogging to expand new customers, such as VANCL and New Weekly, are increasing. Nowadays, there are a large number of corporate users to register, and some also take the initiative to call. Certification, the company's attention to Weibo is very high."

Top Ten Microblog Marketing Tips 1. Learn what other companies are doing (especially abroad);

2. Use microblog search tools to monitor topics related to brands and products;

3, to ensure the daily micro-Bo dialogue, and the formation of institutionalization and normalization;

4, be good at getting advice from your fans, and feedback in time;

5, guide fans to participate in the company's activities or even the development of new products;

6, respect each user, do not cause disputes; suffer negative news, can not rashly reply or statement, should first retrieve the relevant message, understand the situation and then contact the relevant customer;

7. The information must be transparent and authentic, including preferential information or crisis information;

8, microblogging language to anthropomorphism, with emotions;

9, Do not just use Weibo to promote advertising, product information;

10. Do not use Weibo to record daily running accounts to ensure that the information has value sharing and entertainment.

Microblogging marketing cutting-edge features 1. Easy information release, fast dissemination;

2, through the form of fan-focused viral transmission, a wide range of influence, strong interaction, and instant communication with the fans;

4, actively attract fans, but also may be abandoned by fans;

5, low cost;

6. The celebrity effect can make the propagation equivalent of events scale up geometrically;

7, corporate image personification;

8, can be established with the fans (users) beyond the emotional relationship of trading;

9. The response caused by each message may vary widely, it is difficult to expect through experience, and it is vulnerable to attacks or negative effects due to operational errors;

10. Fans are slow to accumulate and require long-term investment, making marketing difficult to evaluate.

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