The UK continues to be closed, expecting the pound/dollar to fluctuate little

On Tuesday (December 27), the Asian market was in early trading. GBP/USD oscillated sideways and traded around 1.5620. The exchange rate was above the 20-day moving average and the short-term moving average indicator was bullish.

Despite the announcement of December hometrack house prices fell by 0.2% in the UK and fell 2.1% per month, indicating that the sentiment in the UK real estate market is still weak, but investors’ confidence in the US economic recovery has been on track to increase, while the United States Congress broke the payroll tax The postponed deadlock, global risk appetite has warmed up, giving GBP/USD some support.

However, after the exchange rate hit the 1.5650 level, it was constrained. Due to the market's lingering concern about the debt crisis in the Eurozone, the exchange rate remained as a whole within a narrow range.

On the technical side, the pound is struggling with the recent trend, because this week the UK market will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, and the overall volatility of the sample will not be very large.

The medium-to-long term trend of the GBP/USD remains bearish, but the DMI shows that the strength of the empty side has not increased further, and the fact that the pound has not fallen below the previous low point also confirms this. And due to the MACD fork on the daily scale and the pound has not been broken, it is reluctant to temporarily increase the short-term trend to bullish, but this bullishness currently looks vulnerable, and short-term gains are more likely to be blocked at 1.5800 once Powei 1.5270 will start to accelerate decline.

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