The ticket generation war did not have the bureau’s letter "unfavorable start"

[May Point Network] The first short-term match, ended with the failure of China Airlines. Although the third-party ticket platform and China Civil Aviation Information Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Airlines letter") war is still continuing...

[May Point Network] The first short-term match, ended with the failure of China Airlines.

Although the third-party ticket platform and China Civil Aviation Information Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Airlines Letter") war continues, but the results have been announced in the industry.

On July 28, the reporter confirmed through the ticket sales channel that China Aviation Information has cleared the external ticket platform for nearly one month, but the trading volume of these platforms has not declined. On the other hand, China Airlines’ own one-stop platform for its navigation letter is still not See that the trading volume is relatively stable and there has not been a significant increase.

However, China Airlines' letter, which holds the national civil aviation information, may not easily admit defeat.

"The channel dispute is a big fight." Zhang Jie (pseudonym), a person in charge of a ticket platform in Ningbo, said. "Zhonghang letter has taken a fancy to the value of the ticket generation market. The name is to clean up the illegal plug-in platform. In fact, it clears the obstacles for its own linkosky platform." At present, Zhang Jie's ticket platform is still in normal operation.

From "water warfare" to "guerrilla warfare"

It is at the time when the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission started to integrate central enterprises. After China Aviation Materials merged into China Aviation Group, according to the top three of the industry, the fate of China Airlines’ letter as one of the six major aviation industry enterprises may also change.

Since July 20th and 21st, China Eastern Airlines and China's 100 airline ticket platform alliances have publicly issued a response to the "blocking incident", and both sides have been confronted with a tough attitude.

As China Airlines continues to stop, ticket platforms and ticket distributors have gradually turned to "guerrilla strategy." "After the suspension of the configuration of China Airlines, our trading volume has increased." Zhang Jie said.

He explained that if the market needs 5 million pieces per day, it is originally 10 platforms, and now two are shut down. Because the market trading volume exists and is relatively fixed, especially now it is close to the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. The trading volume will naturally not disappear out of thin air because of a "blocking order". Therefore, the trading volume of the two platforms that have been shut down will flow to the eight still alive, and the trading volume of these eight will certainly rise.

"Because China Airlines cannot unblock all third-party platforms overnight, it is like a guerrilla warfare. This platform will not work. The transaction volume will be transferred to the still-running platform, and another place will continue." He said.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 100,000 third-party air ticket platforms in the country. Among them, China Airlines believes that there are qualified 5,000, that is, about 5,000 certified by the airline association. Terminals provided by China Airlines to these regular platforms can be copied into multiple uses through technical means, similar to pirated software. As a result, many qualified platforms will copy their own terminals and sell them to unqualified black agents.

According to the standards of China Airlines, Zhang Jie’s ticket platform belongs to the “black agent”. He said that his company is a legal industrial and commercial registered enterprise, but did not obtain the aviation association certification. However, China Airlines believes that it is these black agents that disrupt the normal order of the ticket sales market. Zhang Jie declined to say how much the trading volume of his platform has increased this month.

In recent years, the transaction volume of third-party ticket platforms has occupied about half of the total daily transactions, and the daily turnover is between 2-3 billion yuan.

More than 400 configurations that are currently suspended are among the top ticket platforms with a large volume of transactions. There are still a large number of trading platforms that can still be traded normally. Even if the platform is stopped, you will find a way to get back to work, for example, buying a new configuration from a qualified agent. Or, use some technical means to "resurrect" the original configuration. However, there are also countermeasures for China Airlines. From July 1st to September 1st, China Airlines will not release new configurations to the outside world, and will continue to promote downtime.


Zhang Jie said that he was very worried. "It is still possible to engage in guerrilla warfare, but it will not last long. It is not impossible to be driven out of the game. I heard that a hundred-member alliance has been established, but what role can this play? The marketization of the civil aviation industry It has always been an anecdote."

After China Aviation Letter released the article "China Hangxin began to clean up the illegal ticket sales platform", the next day, the industry organization named "China 100 Airline Tickets Alliance" also publicly issued a letter, one by one to respond to the views of China Airlines, and said If AVIC has a data interface that provides formal B2B distribution to the outside world, and does not set any artificial obstacles, they are willing to pay according to the reasonable payment standards of other agents of China Airlines.

During this period of time, the small ticket was not able to negotiate with China Airlines for two times. On the 5th and 14th of this month, many air ticket platforms and China Aviation Trust had two meetings, but the suspension of China Airlines’ letter continued.

"The fight against black agents can't be generalized. There are indeed unqualified black-hearted agents who deceive passengers. However, there are many legitimate companies that do business without honesty, but they are honest enterprises doing business." Zhang Jie said.

In recent years, the volume of ticketing platforms has been increasing, which shows that the existence of third-party ticketing platforms is meaningful, which is the need of the market. In the past three years, the online transaction volume and online payment volume of ticket sales have increased by more than 300% every year.

At present, the consensus view of the ticket generation market is that the existence of the third-party ticket platform has its market value, and the clearance action of China Aviation Information is indeed unconsidered. Since there is demand in the market, these ticket platforms will not disappear, but may be transferred to the "underground."

In fact, nowadays, the ticket sales market is not only the China Airlines letter and ticket platform, but also behind the major airlines to promote the direct sales model, it is also a plot to compete for ticket sales channels. However, the current major airlines of the other interested parties have not expressed their views on the China Airlines letter and ticket platform disputes, and they have maintained a wait-and-see attitude. (21st Century Business Herald)

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