The Rise of Cloud Channels: Building Next-Generation Cloud Services

With the continuous development of enterprise-level cloud computing and infrastructure, enterprise users have also put forward higher demands on cloud services, such as high elastic capacity, drastically reduced idle redundancy, and flexible scalability. Oracle Cloud products are fully prepared to implement next-generation cloud services while improving the user experience.

A few years ago, Oracle discovered that the bottleneck of its software performance was mainly due to the lack of hardware platform, which also made it an important cause for the acquisition of SUN. After more than a year of integration, Oracle began to enter the era of long march. In particular, with the introduction of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic middleware cloud server and other integrated products, Oracle's ambition in the cloud computing market has paved the way.

"Upholding cloud computing strategic goals that support both public and private clouds, Oracle provides customers with comprehensive and freely selectable cloud products." Yu Sicheng, Oracle's general manager of Greater China Technologies, pointed out that among them, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an ideal building block that provides strong support for enterprise private cloud building and deployment.

It can be seen that today, the development pace of private clouds in the Chinese market has far exceeded that of public clouds. Many companies, especially large enterprises, have started to build their private clouds. Private clouds are also the most committed part of Oracle's development and best practices. . "From the bottom of the Sun's hardware layer, to the next layer of the operating system and virtual machines, to the database, middleware and applications, etc., Oracle can carry out cloud management." Yu Sicheng said that in the company set integration With the integration, integrity and openness of "CIO strategy" promotion and practice, today's Oracle is not only a software and hardware product provider, but can integrate all of these products into an integrated system to help companies obtain the most. Excellent application performance.

The positive feedback from the market side further strengthened Oracle's confidence in the integration of integrated system products: By the end of June, Oracle had successfully deployed more than 1,000 Oracle Exadata Database Machines globally, from 23 industries in 67 countries. Many customers have adopted the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to help them meet demanding database applications.

Focus on "urban clouds"

After more than two years of preparation, Dawning cloud computing strategy has surfaced completely in recent days. Shuguang has determined the business direction of cloud computing as the core of urban cloud computing, and established an autonomous and controllable Chinese commercial cloud computing infrastructure platform and related standards system to provide basic guarantees for China's cloud computing technology and industrial development.

"From the perspective of dawn, the entire IT industry in the future will shift toward cloud computing. We must enter this field and must rely on our own advantages." Ren Jing, vice president of Shuguang, pointed out that Dawning has always been committed to high-performance computing, which is high in China. An important force in performance calculations. From high-performance computing to cloud computing, there are two main factors for the dawn: First, cloud computing is the future development trend; followed by the dawn of their own genes: cloud computing must rely on large-scale computing platforms, only the computing platform is done very Reliable, it is possible to talk about the long-term operation of the future cloud computing era.

"Based on the experience and technological advantages of successful operation in the city's cloud computing center in recent years, Shuguang has become the preferred partner of regional governments in the city's cloud computing center construction project." Ren Jingyi said that following Zhengzhou, Nanjing and Ningbo After that, Shuguang recently signed cooperation projects with Chongqing and Harbin to build a cloud computing center, and signed expansion plans for cloud computing centers with Chengdu and Wuxi. This will serve as a regional prosperity for urban management, social livelihood projects, corporate services, and emerging industries. Provide a basic technology platform.

In the industry of dawn, "urban clouds" is a type of regional cloud, which refers to the establishment of a city within a certain range of government, citizens, and industry enterprises through the establishment and integration of IT resources such as computing, storage, network, security, and applications within a city. Institutions provide a unified, large-scale IT infrastructure for cloud computing service delivery.

At the same time, the city cloud covers most of the IT resources of a city, including a core cloud computing center, a disaster recovery center in the same city, and multiple industrial or hybrid clouds. They establish “federal” on the premise of mutual trust and form logically. As a whole, to provide services to the outside world. Enterprises, citizens, and organizations can get their own application services through the City Cloud Public Service Portal without having to care about where the application is located. Under such an application model, cloud computing will truly become a city's infrastructure, just as water and electricity can be used on demand.

“In terms of urban cloud construction, the power of Shuguang alone is very limited. We need partners to join in. In the future, China will have many urban cloud projects that provide partners in various places with considerable business opportunities. On the other hand, cities After the cloud is set up, it will generate a lot of applications. We also hope that channel partners can rely on their own advantages, especially in the field of medical, environmental protection, intelligent transportation and other channel partners, able to use the cloud built by Shuguang The platform has enabled its business to develop more rapidly under the new model, said Ren Jingyi.

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