The policy of affordable housing leans towards new opportunities for building intercom

At the beginning of 2011, for the ever-increasing housing prices, the state has successively introduced a series of intensified regulatory policies on the real estate market including the eight countries, real estate taxes, and purchase restrictions. At the same time, the country has launched the largest scale of affordable housing projects in history. 2011 Plans to build 10 million sets of affordable housing, the next five years, the construction of affordable housing will reach 36 million sets. In order to ensure that the construction of the social security housing can be truly implemented, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has also signed “military orders” with provincial governments to include the construction of social security housing in the evaluation of local governments. The property market regulation and control policy can be described as one wave after another. The regulation and control efforts have reached an unprecedented height. This has also caused the entire real estate market to be shrouded in the shadow of the "pressure mountain." In the face of severe market regulation, the building intercom industry, which is closely related to the real estate market, also faces major challenges. The transformation of the national real estate policy will cause a large part of the demand for the building intercom market to be concentrated in the low-end market, which also brings new market opportunities for the majority of building intercom manufacturers. Manufacturers need a good balance of quality, price and service.

The tilting of affordable housing policies brings considerable market to the intercom industry. In fact, careful analysis of the country's floor control policy can be seen in the fact that the focus of state regulation and control is house prices in order to curb speculative real estate speculation and make the real estate market healthy and orderly. development of. This series of regulation and control policies may have a certain impact on the commercial housing market, but the construction of a large number of affordable housing and public rental housing has a very obvious pull to promote the development of the entire real estate market, which is also from the other side. Make up for the possible downturn in the commercial housing market.

On the other hand, from the land supply plan, it can be seen that although the country has significantly increased the scale of construction of affordable housing, the scale of land use for commercial housing has not been squeezed. According to the “National Housing Land Supply Plan Announcement 2011” issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources, the national housing land supply plan will continue to increase substantially in 2011, and the country’s housing land supply will be 21.8 million hectares, compared to the 266,300 hectares of actual land use for housing in the country in 2010. In comparison, the increase reached 72.6%, of which 14.05 hectares were planned for commercial residential land, which accounted for 64.5% of the total housing land supply plan, an increase of 51% compared with the actual land supply of 93,000 hectares in 2010; the planned supply of affordable housing land was 77,500 yuan. The hectare, which accounts for 35.5% of the total housing land supply plan, increased by 138.9% compared to the actual land supply in 2010 (32,400 hectares). From this set of data, we can see that a large proportion of the land supply has ensured that the overall area of ​​the housing is still guaranteed. The commercial housing is still the main body of housing construction. At the same time, the state will further increase the construction of affordable housing, which makes the security industry special. It is the building intercom and other industries that have a very considerable space for development.

Of course, the regulation of the property market will inevitably weaken the developer's income. Developers may choose more economical products and solutions in order to control costs when selecting products. Similarly for affordable housing, the selected building intercom products also require relatively cost-effective and cost-effective, functionally simple and practical, while the system operation must be reliable and stable. It can be predicted that a large part of the demand for the intercom market in the future will be concentrated in the low-end market, which also brings new market opportunities for the majority of building intercom manufacturers.

In response to this market characteristic, many manufacturers have also launched relevant products suitable for market demand in a timely manner. For example, Guanlin introduced a series of cost-effective economical and popular color video intercom products last year, while protecting the basic functions of products. , allowing users to enjoy high-quality, high-definition color video intercom products at the price of black and white indoor units. This will not only help customers create quality properties, but also fully improve the quality of homeowners' home life. This series of products will be launched once In the market has been a great success, has been recognized by many users.

The perfect balance of performance and price services is to grasp the new business opportunities as a magic weapon to protect housing projects as the people's livelihood projects related to the people. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development requires the construction of affordable housing to strictly control the quality and ensure that the various supporting facilities and services of the housing must also be improved.

However, due to the low prices of affordable housing products and limited profits, some companies have cut corners in pursuit of short-term profits and provided inferior products or services to affordable housing projects. This has also served as a wake-up call for the building intercom industry. People's livelihood-related industries that actively participate in the construction of affordable housing are determined not only by the direction of development of the entire industry, but also by a security company that shoulders social responsibilities. If enterprises only provide inferior products and services solely for the purpose of pursuing short-term economic benefits, they will not only damage the corporate image, but also cause damage to the long-term development of the company.

The low-to-medium-priced products used in affordable housing do not represent the low quality of the product, but only reduce the function and configuration of the product, and cannot be reduced in terms of product quality and reliability stability. As for how to achieve a balance between product quality and product cost-effectiveness, and achieve the goal of reducing “distribution” without decreasing “quality”, this requires the manufacturer to invest a lot of energy in conquering, not only meeting the high cost performance requirements of the product, but also It cannot be at the expense of the quality of the product.

Building intercom companies participate in the construction of affordable housing, in addition to excellent product performance and affordable prices, good after-sales service is also an indispensable part of the important, building intercom products require a higher degree of professionalism after-sales service After the product is successfully sold, it does not represent the end of sales. Subsequent installation and commissioning as well as maintenance and repair are also very important.

Safeguarded housing is a huge market, and it is also a long-term social livelihood project. Ten million sets of affordable housing have brought new market opportunities and business growth points for the building intercom industry. Similarly, market competition will become more intense and even fierce. In the face of new situations and changes, whoever seizes the opportunities will become the market's strongest and realize the simultaneous development of itself and the industry. As a security company that shoulders social responsibilities, Guanlin will give full play to its products and technologies and actively participate in the construction of the affordable housing market. We will also continue to increase product research and development efforts and R&D investment, continuously improve the overall competitiveness in product, technology, sales and service, and strive to build each housing project into a quality project, using economically reliable and stable products and high efficiency and high quality. The service contributes to this social livelihood project.

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