The Federation of Logistics and Purchasing of the People's Republic of China put forward specific suggestions to promote the healthy and rapid development of Hunan's logistics industry

With tax reduction, fee reduction, and integration, the logistics industry will usher in a number of favorable conditions. On June 8, the State Council launched eight complementary measures to promote the development of the logistics industry. The industry has been called the "State of the Eight" of the logistics industry. Recently, Hunan Federation of Logistics and Purchasing held a meeting of presidents and invited more than 50 experts and scholars to combine the status quo of the logistics industry in Hunan Province and put forward the "Proposal on Accelerating the Development of Logistics Industry in Hunan Province."

Yin Guojie, Executive Director of Hunan Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, believes that since the State Council issued the “Regulation of Logistics Industry Restructuring and Revitalization” in March 2009, the logistics industry has developed rapidly and the level of industrial development has continued to increase. However, with the in-depth implementation of the "Planning", some policy problems that do not meet the development of the logistics industry have further manifested and have constrained the development of the industry. Especially since this year, the CPI index has continued to remain high, further exposing the ills behind the logistics industry. Problems such as repeated taxation, bridge tolls, tolls, arbitrary charges, high oil prices, and increased manpower costs have pushed up the operating costs of the logistics industry, eventually leading to downstream products, pushing up commodity prices, causing prices to continue to rise, and calling for The voice of managing the chronic problems of logistics is constantly emerging.

Zhang Longfa, executive vice president of Hunan Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, introduced: As the province's logistics and circulation industry associations, in order to implement the “State of the Eighth”, a special meeting of the logistics industry was specially convened to organize entrepreneurs in the Hunan logistics industry. Well-known experts and scholars combined with the actual situation of Hunan's logistics industry, proposed to the Hunan Provincial Government, "promoting the development of the province's logistics industry policy recommendations." The "Proposal" put forward a total of 31 proposals from the following seven aspects: increase financial support, reduce corporate tax burden, secure logistics land supply, expand logistics financing channels, relax market access conditions, facilitate vehicle access, and improve other supporting measures. policy suggestion. This move reflects the voices and appeals of the province's logistics companies and reflects the role of the industry community organizations as bridges and bonds.

Many delegates stated that the economy of Hunan Province is at a crucial stage of adjusting the structure and the upper level. To promote the stable and rapid development of the national economy with logistics services is the consensus of many experts and scholars in the industry. Once the "Advice" is adopted by the government, it will effectively promote the healthy development of the logistics industry in Hunan Province, and ultimately enable the people to enjoy the benefits of convenient logistics.

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