"Student Tour" After the Festival

On January 23, Bai people danced in front of the ancient city gate of Dali, Yunnan. Xinhua News Agency

The seven-day holiday of the Spring Festival of the Dragon has ended and the first Golden Week in 2012 hit the world with a “tornado”. Affected by the overall economic weakness, a number of travel agencies said during the Spring Festival this year that the collection of passengers was not as expected, which was slightly lower than the same period of last year. However, some travel agencies also achieved good results, and the number of passengers increased by 8%. From January 27, the prices of major travel agencies began to “divide”, with the highest drop of more than 60%. As the so-called “a short three-year market”, the off-season tourist season has now fully started. The "school students" who have not yet ended the winter vacation and the astute "shift peaks" have become the mainstay of the holiday.

Chinese New Year

Exchange rate continues to decline

Stimulate substantial growth in Europe and the United States

“This year's Spring Festival holiday advance, and the student holiday time extended, the economy has been warmer, so that the case of a number of families jointly packaged, it is often caused by the outbound travel registration is hot.” ​​Chen Cuihua, deputy general manager of South China Sea CTS, said the South China Sea CTS Spring Festival The number of applicants for outbound travel increased by more than 30% compared with previous years, and Southeast Asia, Australia, and the islands route were the most popular among tourists. The increase in the number of Hong Kong and Macau Tour delegations was also obvious. The domestic long-term and intra-provincial tours also increased slightly. East China, Beijing, and Hainan are still hot spots for the Spring Festival holiday.

The largest increase in the outbound travel market during the Spring Festival is the long-term Europe and the United States. The reporter learned from the trip to Guangzhou that the number of European visitors to this year's Spring Festival reached 3,000, an increase of 30% year-on-year; the number of American tourists reached 2,000, an increase of 40% year-on-year, and the growth rate ranked among the "leading". Guang Qian, general manager of Guangzhun Travel Marketing Center, said that due to the economic uncertainty in Europe and the United States, the exchange rate of the euro and the US dollar will remain low, and citizens will have more price advantage in outbound travel. In addition, overseas tourist shopping and vacation has become a kind of consumption “new trend”, and it is estimated that this tourism trend will further increase in 2012.

On New Year's Eve, overlooking Beijing's "Bird's Nest" from the air. Xinhua News Agency

Sustained low-temperature scenic passengers received cold after the heat

This year's Spring Festival continued low temperatures, so that many scenic spots in the province received passengers cold and hot. Since the beginning of the sixth year, Guangdong has ended its rainy weather. The province's scenic spots have also ushered in the largest passenger flow during the Spring Festival.

According to preliminary statistical data from major scenic spots, as of the beginning of the year, five Changlu and Changlu farms have received 80,000 visitors, which is about 25% less than last year's Spring Festival. Dongguan Yinxian Resort has received more than 30,000 visitors, which is 50 fewer than last year's Spring Festival. About 3%; Sanshui Lotus World received more than 20,000 passengers, which is about 40% lower than last year's Spring Festival. The hometown has more than 20,000 visitors, which is about 15% lower than last year's Spring Festival. From the beginning of the sixth day, the major scenic spots ushered in the peak of passenger flow, Changlu farmer passenger traffic exceeded 20,000 passengers on the day, Dongguan Yin Yin Shanzhuang passenger traffic exceeded the million passengers, Sanshui Lotus world reached more than 5,000 passengers.

According to the person in charge of Changde Farm in Shunde, according to the Spring Festival in previous years, the New Year's Day to the fifth year were the days with the largest number of tourist attractions and the most popular tourist spots. This year, due to the weather, the tourism market is cold and warm. It is completely different from previous years.

After the holiday

After the fifth year of the year, the price of “travel” has dropped sharply

Starting from January 27, the travel prices introduced by major travel agencies have experienced great dip, with a general drop of 30% to 50%, and the highest drop has even reached 60%.

The reporter learned from the China Southern Travel Service that Dubai, Europe, Seoul, Jeju, and Dali in Kunming had the most noticeable drop. For example, during the Spring Festival, the price was nearly 20,000 yuan for the “Dubai 5 Days Tour”. The price for departure in early February was only 6199. Yuanqi; during the Spring Festival, the price is 13,900 yuan for the "European six-nation tour for nine days." The starting price in February is only 9999 yuan. Yang Wenhao, deputy general manager of Foshan China Travel Service, also stated that the quotations during the Spring Festival in Maldives that attracted much attention amounted to about 20,000 yuan, while the post-holiday tour price only required 6000~8000 yuan.

In terms of domestic travel, post-holiday travel prices have generally fallen by around 40%. The “Shuangfei 5th Trump brand pure play family tour” was launched by Guangzhi Travel. During the Spring Festival, the selling price was 5,199 yuan. In February, the starting price was reduced to 3,299 yuan. 1900 yuan, a drop of 37%.

In terms of the province's internal travel, with the fall of housing prices in major scenic spots, the decline in the province's tourism is also nearly 50%. For example, during the Spring Festival in Foshan, the Hongqiao Hot Spring Villa launched on the 2nd tour, during the Spring Festival offer of 598 yuan / person, and after the holiday quickly dropped to 328 yuan / person.

Chen Cuihua analyzed that the increase in ticket prices and hotel prices constitutes an important factor in the rise in tourism costs during the Spring Festival Golden Week. After the Spring Festival Golden Week, the supply of these tourism reception resources became quite sufficient, and the supply and demand relationship affected the prices of the tourism resources.

"Student Tour" + "Dislocation Tour" After the Festival

Since the Spring Festival came early this year, although most tourists concentrated on starting in the early part of the holiday, there was still a period of time since the end of the winter vacation. A large number of students made use of the holidays after the holiday, and extended the Spring Festival with “compensation” or annual leave. There was an increase in the number of people who had travelled during the peak shift and the “student tour” and “displacement peak trip” became the main source of the tourism market during the second half of the Spring Festival and even after the holiday. It was followed by two peaks of registration and travel after the holiday. According to the data of the Guangzhou Trip, the team that departed from January 29 to February 6 alone calculated that the total number of groups that have already returned from outbound travel has exceeded 50, and the total number of groups that have completed domestic travel has exceeded 80; From January 28th (Year 6th), the number of students enrolled and traveling from 15 to 22 years old has increased significantly, which is about 15% higher than the same period of last year.

The industry expects that with the arrival of festivals such as the Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day, and the March 8th Women’s Day, after the holiday “dislocation trip” will usher in a new round of peak travel.

Palm Island, Dubai Maritime Living Area.

After the holiday special line search a search -

Five days and three nights in Maldives

Spring Festival offer: about 20,000 yuan

February quote: 6999 yuan ~ 7699 yuan

The Maldives consists of 1,192 coral islands, one island and one hotel. Therefore, it can be said that which hotel to choose is which island to choose. Among all the islands, the most famous and romantic ones are Honeymoon Island, Coconut Island, and Full Moon Island. Due to the strict implementation of environmental protection policies on the resort islands, the sea and sand beaches are not polluted. The sand is white, the shell is white, the fish is white, and the crab is white! Around the island, the sea water within 20 meters is not deep, barefoot into the water, you can see the fish swimming around.

Dubai on the 5th

Spring Festival offer: about 20,000 yuan February quote: 6199 yuan

Dubai is a famous luxury capital. There is a world-renowned seven-star sailing hotel decorated with 24 tons of gold. In addition, Palm Island, a marine living area, also excels. The Dubai Museum is also worth watching. Some of the exhibition halls use acoustic and optoelectronics to describe Dubai's development history since 1930. Dubai’s Trench Repulse Bay is also a great place to enjoy sea views. The trench divides Dubai into two.

US West Coast 10-Day Tour

Spring Festival offer: 15,999 yuan in early March offer: 10,999 yuan

The main viewing cities on the West Coast of the United States are Los Angeles, San Simeon and San Francisco. Los Angeles is known as the City of Angels and is one of the cities of global culture, science and technology, media, economy, and international trade. It is also the leading city of global pop culture. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame, fans can trace a little star trails. The star sermons are lined with more than 2,000 copper-encrusted five-pointed stars, representing celebrities’ achievements in film, television, radio, recording, and stage performances. San Francisco is a major city on the West Coast of the United States. It has a charming bay, the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf, which sells giant crabs and various seafood snacks.

Beijing Shuangfei 5th Trump Brand Pure Play Fun Tour

Spring Festival quote: 5199 yuan February quote: 3299 yuan

Arrange visits to classic attractions such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Bird's Nest as well as to the Tsinghua University where you can experience the rich cultural heritage of the highest academic institutions and experience the atmosphere of a prestigious school. Compared to past student-oriented tours, the line pays more attention to the “experience” elements, such as attending Beijing temple fairs, skiing in snow worlds, etc.

Kunming Dali Lijiang fly six-day tour

Spring Festival offer: 5100 yuan February quote: 2488 yuan

Kunming - Dali - Lijiang, one of the most classic routes in Yunnan. Dali is a very beautiful and ancient city. Her scenery can be summed up in four words: “Fenghua Xueyue”, namely “Shimonoseki, Shangguanhua, Cangshan Snow, and Erhaiyue”. This is Dali’s famous four scenes. . Lijiang Dayan Ancient Town is the focus of this route. In this ancient city without walls, the narrow blue stone road, the completely hand-built houses of civil architecture, the omnipresent bridges... In addition to the ancient Naxi architecture, the old city bar street is also worth A play.

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