Roundtable Dialogue A New Mode of High-end Leisure Travel: Personalization vs Standardization

Cui Yan: I am very grateful to Ms. Gao for her speech. Club Med has a saying that “tourism is not a product but a pleasure”. I hope that in the next three conversations, there will be some happy atmosphere, and at the same time...

Cui Yan: I am very grateful to Ms. Gao for her speech. Club Med has a saying that “tourism is not a product but a pleasure”. I hope that in the next three sessions, there will be some happy atmosphere, and we welcome all our guests to actively participate in the following aspects. First, we will discuss on the stage a new model of high-end tourism, personalization and standardization. I believe that our discussion today will bring you some new perspectives and new thinking. The guests who invited the first group of summit conversations will sit on the stage. The first thing we have to do is the first peak conversation on the scene today. I believe that many of my friends, like me, are not particularly familiar with them, so we simply take a few minutes to get to know them.

Ai Qihong, general manager of China Travel Agency of Guangdong Province, you are very familiar with this link. I want to ask you a question. Where do you remember a trip far away?

Ai Qihong: South Pacific, West Samoa.

Cui Yan: I just made a demonstration for everyone. After the introduction, I have to answer the question of the host. Bai Changhong, dean of the School of Continuing Education at Nankai University. Where is the most expensive trip you spend?

Bai Changhong: Hope is the next time.

Cui Yan: Here is Ms. Gao Hua, general manager from Club Med China, where is the most frequent vacation destination?

Gao Hua: Club Med, work.

Cui Yan: I have never traveled, all the business trips are jobs?

Gao Hua: I will go when traveling, because the company employees have welfare.

Cui Yan: Guo Ming, general manager of Taimei (Tongyin) International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Guo Ming has now become a technology company. We are now called Taimei Action Culture and Heritage Co., Ltd. Below we also have a travel license agency, Taimei (Tongyin) International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Cui Yan: What is your most annoying action?

Guo Ming: There is no action. I think the moderator’s speech is very good today. There seems to be no concrete action.

Cui Yan: We continue to introduce, columnist Shen Hongfei. Where was the most recent trip?

Shen Hongfei: It is from my home to Jinmao.

Cui Yan: Tell us what is the most impressive building in the trip?

Shen Hongfei: It is the Jinmao Tower at the end.

Cui Yan: Yuan Hao, President of China Youth Travel Holdings Co., Ltd. This question should be the most difficult for you. What is your best travel route?

Yuan Hao: There should be quite a lot. Club Med is a good product for our travel agency, or a tourist route. I recommend a very important reason. When Club Med entered China, I first contacted me. I was talking about cooperation with them at the earliest. We were also the first to sign a cooperation agreement with them, so I know more and later I am getting more and more from them. Far away, because Gao’s products are selling better and better. Also, correct me again. I am not the president of China Youth Travel Service. It is accurate to say that it should be the vice president of China Youth Travel Service.

Cui Yan: I think that in the course of our peak dialogue, everyone can understand what it means to be the peak. In our later sessions, we basically have to answer questions. Because I feel that your mentality is a "complaint" mentality. Next, everyone and I fully recognized the six. From the answer to the question, everyone has a little understanding of their personality. Then they are invited to participate in a very easy game. Please take a look at your hands. The picture, I also have a copy in my hand, you may not see clearly, very beautiful underwater, such a photo of the adventure, there is a picture of the statue of the person on the cliff wall, and a very white beach Comfortable pictures, a car on the rugged mountain trails, and Porsche photos on the beach with children and family. You can take a few seconds to pick out your favorite vacation spot, and the way you spend your vacation. Everyone has two chances to choose. In other words, you can choose two. One is the most loved resort and the other is the favorite vacation.

Let's take a look, we started with Ms. Gao Hua?

Gao Hua: This is a hammock on the beach, and there is a snow mountain.

Cui Yan: Tell us in one sentence why we chose a hammock.

Gao Hua: Because it looks very relaxed, if I go to a place to travel in this place, I don’t have to worry about anything. I don’t think about anything. Although I basically look like this every time, I have always enjoyed it. I feel that if I go to this place to travel, I can really rest. The other one is that I love skiing, so I want to go when I see it.

Mr. Yuan: I mainly go to sleep on vacation, because every time I go out on vacation, I am basically at the hotel. I feel that I am not working enough when I work, so I want to lie on the beach. The second is the chosen car. Not necessarily Porsche, I hope to go on holiday is free, with me just now I want to wake up when I am on vacation, I can wake up when I want to go out, when I drive out.

Cui Yan: On the one hand, you can enjoy sleeping, on the other hand, you can enjoy the sense of manipulation of driving. Let's take a look at Bai's choice?

Bai Changhong: One is a snow mountain, but I don't think that there is skiing in the area. I have to live in a hotel when I go out for a holiday, but this place is very special. A small house above the snowy mountain can see their life. The second one is the bottom of the sea. It seems that I am doing underwater exploration. I guess I can't do it, but what I dream of may be the most attractive thing. This is also very much like it.

Cui Yan: Do you like adventure in your bones?

Bai Changhong: I may be hoping for it. This sea floor can see things that you don't usually see. Second, because there are fish on the bottom of the sea, like a boat, there is always something special in dialogue, and you can talk to creatures and the history of the sea. This signal to me is like this.

Cui Yan: Let's take a look at the feeling of Guo.

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