Net pass Hangzhou Yuhang Jingmu mummy experts said there are ancient tombs

Yuhang, Hangzhou Jingxian Mummy! At 7 o'clock last night, the news appeared on Weibo and the Internet. It surprised many netizens and wondered.
The news was quickly uploaded from the web to the web.
Did Yuhang really have a mummy? Can weather mummies not be possible in Hangzhou?
With a lot of question marks, the reporter drove to visit the place where the mummy was dug into the legend and the old Yuhang Huawu Village took a closer look.
There is no mummy in the legendary land of mummies, but there is indeed an ancient tomb group. Experts estimate that there are forty to fifty ancient tombs and that more than 20 have been excavated.
Although only a false alarm. But the mummy is not a legend. The mummy was discovered in Hangzhou.
According to the legend of the "Mummy," the old man at the defending site did not hear
At 8:30 last night, the reporter arrived at Huawu Village in the old Yuhang. Asked the villagers along the way and heard that your village dug up the mummy? The villagers widened in surprise: "I haven't heard of it."
For a long time, I finally saw a construction site in the distance, and a lamp in a shabby work room. Knocked a few doors, a worker dressed in a coat, stuck his head and asked: "Who?"
The reporter replied, "Look for a mummy!" The old worker named Chen was confused and asked back to the old man lying in bed. "Did you hear that?"
After listening to the reporter's brief description, the old man climbed up from his bed and laughed: "It's completely different." The old man said that he and Lao Chen were responsible for excavating the ancient tomb. Two months ago, developers discovered the ancient tombs during the excavation. Hangzhou cultural relics experts arrived at the scene and confirmed that the site was an ancient tomb group with at least forty to fifty ancient tombs. At present, more than 20 have been dug up.
Yesterday afternoon, several local villagers suddenly appeared on the construction site and pointed to a raised mound not far from the shed. “It was the tomb of our family’s ancestors. We came to relocate our ancestors.” Since the villagers said so, everyone It's not good to stop. The strange thing is that the villagers dug for a long time and left a "tomorrow to deal with it again," and they hurriedly left the site.
This is a group of ancient tombs and some earthenware pots have been dug up
Put on shoes and socks, pick up the flashlight on the table, Lao Chen said to reporters to lead the way to the scene to see.
The night was very quiet here, walking in a dark work place. There was a sudden flash of fire in the distance, and there was an odor all around.
About five minutes later, Lao Chen took the reporter to a large pit and pointed to the pit. "This is the afternoon the villagers came to dig the graves. How could we rumour that it became a mummy." The pits lay flat and tiled. A pile of dilapidated old coffins were piled next to the pit, and there were still bodies and quilts in the coffin.
"This is just an ordinary tent graves in modern times." Lao Chen took a flashlight and looked around. "These are the ancient tombs dug out in the past two months."
Walk along the dark road to the hills, walk about tens of meters to reach the hillside.
The reporter found that the ancient tomb was very clean and the overall structure was not destroyed. The bottom was covered with a layer of blue bricks, and the surrounding walls were also made of blue bricks. Lao Chen saw a dozen ancient tombs with reporters. The size of each tomb was different, and the appearance of piles was different.
The small tomb is relatively simple, two or three meters wide, five or six meters long, three or four meters deep, and some of the larger tombs are still paved.
In these dozens of ancient tombs, one of the ancient tombs was relatively “luxury”. It was three or four meters wide and about ten meters long. When viewed in detail, it was found that there were well-preserved tombs, tombs and drainage in the ancient tombs. The rampage. Blue bricks are neatly laid on the ground and around, and the tomb doors are exquisitely built.
Lao Chen said that for two months, only some earthenware pots had been dug up.
Mummy is not just a legend in Hangzhou
Experts from the Yuhang Museum (Jiangnan Water Village Museum) told reporters that the Hangzhou cultural relics workers had been working for one or two months at the archaeological site of Huawu Village, and they would still work for a period of time: “Tombs of the Han Tombs, Six Dynasties, Eastern Jin Dynasty, Western Jin Dynasty” All have, mostly civilians, small tombs, buried in the tomb some pottery, food utensils and other pots."
Weibo rumors "dig the mummy", then, is it possible that the mummy will appear in Hangzhou?
The expert said: “The mummies of the Qing Dynasty had appeared in Yuhang and Haining. If the tombs are sealed better, oxygen is not allowed in. It is entirely possible.”
Experts told reporters that in the past few years he had seen a mummy in the Qing dynasty at a construction site in Xianlin. Women were about 20 years old. They had a good countenance, eyebrows were carefully drawn, and red paper was in their lips.
“When they were just excavated, the body had a normal complexion and the wind rotted. Within a few hours, it became black. It was the clothes like silk and cotton. It was not easy to rot if it was not wet. Generally, such bodies were buried deep. ."
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