Liu Shaoyong, Chairman of China Eastern Airlines: China Eastern Airlines Expo revenue is not less than 4 billion yuan

[] As the first global partner of the Shanghai World Expo and the only designated carrier of air passenger transport, China Eastern Airlines will do its best to protect the Expo as early as the beginning of this year as the company must win in 2010...

[] As the first global partner of the Shanghai World Expo and the only designated carrier of air passenger transport, China Eastern Airlines will do its best to secure Expo protection as one of the seven hard games that the company must win in 2010.

For the "New Eastern Airlines" after the merger of Shanghai Airlines, the Expo will be an important opportunity to verify whether the company's new brand image can be recognized by global travelers. Liu Shaoyong, chairman of China Eastern Airlines, said in an interview with reporters that according to the established goal, the company's revenue around the Expo will be no less than 4 billion yuan.

Reporter: How do you view the opportunities that the Expo brings to China Eastern Airlines?

Liu Shaoyong: During the World Expo, it is estimated that 70 million people will come to visit. Among them, 11 million to 17 million people will choose to fly to Shanghai, and half of them will be international passengers. In particular, the passenger flow in Japan and South Korea will be relatively large. . Our marketing department has set goals to ensure that revenues around the Expo are no less than $4 billion.

Economic benefits are not the only ones that the World Expo will bring to China Eastern Airlines. Through the World Expo, management and service capabilities can be improved; shareholders can get some returns; employees can also share the joy of human civilization through participation in volunteer services; The value and brand image, we hope to take the route network, brand, the company's internal management slowly to a higher level.

Reporter: What challenges or concerns may the airlines face during the Expo?

Liu Shaoyong: We are cautiously optimistic about the Expo, and we are worried that once the security check during the World Expo will be upgraded, it may cause inconvenience. In this regard, China Eastern Airlines has a backup plan. For example, if the Shanghai airspace is limited, the aircraft capacity should be flying there.

In terms of organizational security, China Eastern Airlines also established the Expo Security Leading Group and Working Group, and formulated the work plan and plan for the safety and security of China Eastern Airlines at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. These agencies provide a 24-hour hotline service to target normal World Expo protection, as well as early prevention of large-scale flight delays or other unexpected conditions.

What is also more worrying is that due to the large passenger flow in Shanghai during the Expo, the impact of delays may be greater if extreme weather occurs. In this regard, we are prepared to strengthen the duty, and timely do the weather forecast work, requiring the headquarters operation control center and the operation control department of each branch (sub) company to accurately release the normal flight operation information, abnormal flight information, and subsequent flight adjustments. Information and ensure that operational information is passed smoothly across the company's units to ensure timely and transparent information.

The overall goal of China Eastern Airlines is to strive to make the company's overall flight normal rate reach 85% during the World Expo, and continue to improve on the basis of 83% in 2009; the flight control with a delay of 2 hours is within 2.76%, which is 20% lower than that in 2009; The flight delay rate for hours above is reduced by 90% compared to 2009. (First Financial Daily)

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