Kindle Fire hardware now loses profit

Kindle Fire hardware now loses profit The latest news from foreign media shows that the launch of Amazon's new Kindle Fire has made many people excited because the price of this tablet is only 199 US dollars. At this time, many people think that Amazon will put energy into it. While selling the Kindle Fire itself, Amazon has a different voice for this statement.

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview that in fact the Kindle Fire tablet’s hardware itself is losing money, but we’re not looking at the hardware sales themselves as a whole. The Kindle Fire’s own sales are just our entire One element in the service is just a part. We value the growth of the Kindle Fire in cloud computing services rather than the hardware itself. We hope to integrate more cloud services through the Kindle Fire.

Amazon said that through the Kindle Fire users can more easily purchase Kindle books, and be able to purchase music and enjoy streaming services, and the Kindle Fire's browser Silk itself is also based on cloud services, the entire platform is completely in the cloud With the integration of services, the Kindle Fire itself has little to lose, and Amazon will be profitable through cloud services.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said that the cost of the Kindle Fire is about $250, which is $51 more than its $199 price, but Amazon will easily lose the hardware through a period of platform integration. The part makes up for it back.

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