Jinan exposed Guantong tablets and other nine drugs illegal advertising

Jinan exposed Guantong tablets and other nine drugs illegal advertising Yesterday afternoon, Jinan City Food and Drug Administration issued the seventh batch of illegal drug advertisements in 2011, Guan Tong film, Yishen Jian bone film and other nine kinds of illegal advertisements were exposed.

The nine kinds of drugs that were exposed to illegal advertisements were total flavonoids from Xianzheqi Grape, Guantong Tablets, Yishen Jiangu Tablets, Shimeiweizi Diuretics Pills, Qishiwei Pearl Pills, Oolong Yangxue Capsules, and Ankang Capsules, ginseng dabu ointment, Sakura Shouwu juice.

Among them, Shaanxi Bailu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s total flavonoid lozenges of Ganxianqi Grape and the 18th Weizizi Diuretic Pills of Gannan Foge Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd. were released without approval. Prescription drugs were released in the mass media and were unscientifically expressed. Efficient assertions or guarantees; the prescription drugs of Guantong Tablets of Beijing Hengtong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Ankang Capsules of Jiangxi Xincheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are published in the mass media, use the content of patients to prove the content, and scientifically assert the efficacy or Assurance; Yunnan Xiongye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s Yishen Jiangu Tablets tamper with the contents of the examination and approval, the scientific assertions or guarantees of unscientific efficacy; the Tibetan Medicine Factory's Qishiwei Pearl Pills, prescription drugs are being published in the mass media, not scientifically Express assertions or guarantees of efficacy; Oolong Nourishing Capsules of Hulunbeier Songlu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., falsified the content of approval and release, used the contents of the patient's name as proof, and expressed scientifically no assertions or guarantees of efficacy; Hunan Aisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The ginseng ginseng paste was released without approval and used the contents of the patient's name as proof. Unscientific assertions to that effect, or guarantee; and Liaoning conscience (Group) Co., Ltd. Defeng Pharmaceutical gold cherry juice Radix, on behalf of patients using the contents proof of the efficacy of unscientific assertions or guarantees.

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