It's not easy for American real estate companies to enter China

With the weak commercial construction industry in the United States, some American real estate developers are developing in China and hope to gain a share in this huge market with a growing middle class and continuous urbanization.

However, the road to development in China is full of challenges. In 2005, the largest commercial real estate investment and real estate developer in the United States, Simon Real Estate Group, announced the construction of four shopping centers in Hangzhou. But before the other three companies opened their doors, Simon sold his shares and left China in 2009. The company stated that China lacks enough middle-income consumers to lose 20 million U.S. dollars.

To enter the huge Chinese market, we must face great language and cultural barriers, and learn to deal with bureaucratic and capricious supervision and legal systems at all levels. Industry insiders say that China's construction market is more dependent on government goals and policies than on market forces.

However, the commercial real estate sector seems to provide the greatest opportunity for foreign investors to invest in real estate developers. Some foreign retail developers are marching into second-tier or even third-tier cities that still regard modern shopping malls as new things. This strategy is not without risks.

Experts believe that Chinese local developers do not intend to acquire foreign capital, but rather look to the Western means of design, promotion and investment that can benefit them.

The Simon Group attributed the business setback to the lack of a mature consumer market in China, but retail industry experts said that large-scale shopping malls in China will also face other problems, such as the uneasy relationship with state-owned partners. China's fast-growing real estate companies think they don’t need to share profits with others. “If you don’t have a relationship with a local company right now, it may be too late. Unless you make some unique contributions, they ignore you.”

When working in China, Russell Asia-Pacific real estate investment manager Martin Lime had been frustrated with the need for three approval procedures for the purchase of certain machines. “When we had a Chinese employee, one of them actually said, 'That's my job. I Brother will help you get '". Lyme said that in the eyes of the Chinese, commercial contracts are more like guidance than legally binding documents. “They often tell me that if you have a dispute with your business, ask them to have a meal.”

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