How does China's first country door take it to the next level?

Today, with the development of economic globalization, the improvement and improvement of the aviation operation system has become an important indicator to measure the degree of economic development. As an important part of the aviation operation network, the airport's special "window" role not only visually shows its position in the aviation operation system, but also reflects to some extent the economic development level of a country, modern science. Management capacity and social civilization.

On June 25, 2008, General Secretary Hu Jintao said that the Capital Airport was "the first country of China" when inspecting Beijing Capital International Airport ("Capital Airport"). After decades of development, the Capital Airport has the second largest passenger traffic in the world and the fourth highest passenger satisfaction in the world. It is the first Skytrax four-star airport in the Mainland. The extraordinary development speed of the Capital Airport has witnessed the rapid development of China's economy and the global industry has seen the enterprising spirit of China's civil aviation.

However, the increasingly fierce competition situation and the complicated economic situation have put forward new requirements for "China's first country door" - how can we get to the next level?

"China's first country door" must show the style of a big country. After 60 years of hard work, especially after 30 years of reform and opening up, the Capital Airport has directly demonstrated to the world a civilized, enterprising and open China, creating a miracle of development that has amazed the world. It can be said that the Capital Airport is both an open door and a window of communication. In the face of the new development situation, the Capital Airport only has a higher level of international strategic cooperation thinking, professional airport management capabilities, efficient and smooth airport operations, people-oriented service methods and quality, and distinctive cultural experiences. It can show the style of a big country and the national mind more comprehensively and freely.

"China's first country" must become an international hub. In recent years, with the implementation of the State Council's development strategy around the Bohai Sea, the Bohai Rim regional economy has maintained a rapid development trend. At the same time, the aviation industry in the Asia-Pacific region, led by the development of China's aviation industry, has emerged in the international financial crisis. These have created a rare opportunity for the capital airport to promote the hub strategy and laid a solid foundation. By 2015, the Capital Airport will be built into a large international hub airport. The Capital Airport must have the responsibility and responsibility to comprehensively accelerate the transformation in the aspects of safety management, process optimization, synergy and service innovation, so as to become an air transportation network platform that has an equal dialogue with the international economic center cities and major economies. Serve the strategic goals of building a modern world city in Beijing and the strategic plan for building a strong civil aviation country.

"China's first country" must become a Chinese brand. At present, the world economy has entered the era of "service economy". Only by creating a unique Chinese service brand can it be invincible in the world's strong forests. In the past development, the Capital Airport has accumulated certain brand resources. It can be said that the Capital Airport “advocates China's service and displays the image of the country” is a practitioner of “China Service” with world-leading level and rich national culture. With the gradual establishment of a large international hub airport, Capital Airport is not only the “China's first country”, but also enjoys the reputation of “China Service” with comfort, pleasure, convenience and distinctive features, and ultimately leads the global service quality.

No matter how the situation changes, Chinese enterprises have always lacked courage and spirit. The Capital Airport has always adhered to the corporate culture theme of “the road to heaven and earth and the gate of a big country”. Facing the road of scientific development in the future, the Capital Airport needs to cooperate, share and win the future with a more global vision. Under the encouragement and encouragement of General Secretary Hu Jintao’s "China's first country" spirit, we will make every effort to improve the situation. Floors.

(The author is the general manager of Capital Airport Group Corporation and the chairman of Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd.)

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