SHENZHEN UNI-HOME INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Co., Ltd is a leading professional freight forwarder and logistics provider in China. Uni-home began to provideinternational freight forwarding service since 2003 with the full support of its strengthened and mature inland service. Now the strength of Uni-Home lies in international sea and air freight transportation, especially in the moving of special cargo. Having appointed agencies in every port of China and tested professional staff in each port, Uni-Home has the capacity to provide the most professional service to or from any ports of China. Uni-Home is able to get contract rates from all ports of China with many shipping lines, like MSC, OOCL, CSAV, APL, Maersk, EMC, CSCL, COSCO, YML, WANHAI, KLINE, CMA and so on. Uni-Home has developed long-term cooperation with 200 overseas partners all around the world and has built a strong and professional logistics supplychain to or from around 100 countries.

Shenzhen Uni-Home is a leading professional freight forwarder and logistics provider in China.
Our Advantages

1. Strong network
Depends on 10 years hardworking in logistics area and the mutual support between Uni-Home and the shipping lines and airlines, Uni-Home can get contract rates from many shipping lines, such as MAERSK, APL, Wanhai, EMC, Hanjin, HMM, MSC, HPL, CMA-CGM, K-Line, CSAV, YML, ZIM, etc.

2. Strong network
With the support of our cooperating offices in each port of China, Uni-Home can handle FCL, LCL, break bulk shipment from all ports of China. Meanwhile, We can also provide multiple transportation with the cooperation of our overseas partners

3. Professional staff
All of our staff are trained both in the knowledge of freight forwarding and the service sense.
All of them have strong sense of responsibility and arranging everything in the shortest time
With the most perfect way.

Our services including:
Air & Sea Freight
Export & Import
Express delivery
Customs clearance and inspection business
Warehouse and logistic
Multimodal transportation
Air and Sea Freight Consolidation Services and Trans-shipment
LCL Consolidation Services (FAK's)
FCL Packing Service
Inland Transport
Marine Insurance
Stuffing & Unstuffing
Project cargo

Central and South America Lane is divided into four parts: Caribbean Lane; Western South America Lane; Eastern South America Lane; Mexican Lane.

Main ports in Caribbean Lane:

Colon Free Zone; Panama City; Balboa; Puerto Limon; Caldera; Rio Haina; Cauceo; Havana; Port Au Prince; Kingston; Point Lisas; Port of Spain; Willemstad; Belize City

Main ports in Western South America Lane:

Buenaventura; Callao; Guayaquil; Iquique; Val Paraiso; San Antonio; IQQ; Arica

Main ports in Eastern South America:

Buenos Aires; Montevideo; Santos; Paranagua; Rio Grande; Rio De Janeiro; Itajai; Asuncion; Pecem

Main ports in Mexican Lane:

Manzanillo; Lazaro Cardenas; Mexico City; Veracruz; Guadalajara


Main carriers:


Sea Freight To Central And South America

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