China's cold chain logistics industry is accelerating in the professional division of labor

China's cold-chain logistics industry has emerged from the background of accelerating professional division of labor and specializing in market demand. Due to the rise of refrigeration equipment in the chain distribution system, refinement of professional division of labor, and gradual popularity and maturity of cold food, cold-chain logistics has caused people to s concern.

Cold chain logistics of fruits and vegetables, cold chain logistics of dairy products, cold chain logistics of meat products, cold chain logistics of aquatic products and other sub-segments maintained a good momentum of development.

The construction of cold storage facilities and the growth of the refrigeration equipment industry have all shown that the influence of the development of cold chain logistics industry cannot be underestimated, nor can it be underestimated. In the future industry development, various industries related to the cold chain, cold chain logistics Upstream and downstream, there will be better linkage trends.

Cold chain logistics also includes refrigeration equipment, cold storage, transportation, logistics and other industries. Its development can drive the development of multiple industries and will accelerate the growth of China's national economy. Cold chain logistics has the characteristics of complexity, coordination and high cost, and is applicable to such fields as fruits and vegetables, poultry eggs, aquatic products, frozen foods, dairy products, flowers and medicines.

In recent years, the development of China's cold chain logistics industry has rapidly expanded from the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta region to the Bohai Rim and the central and western regions. Every day, China Express Logistics Co., Ltd. inquiries into the cold chain logistics industry in China is accelerating the procurement of cold chain logistics industry to improve the national economy. The role of growth quality and benefits has become increasingly evident.

The cold chain logistics enterprises further expanded their services in the economic construction of the sub-central city of Yichang province. The market concentration of refrigeration equipment has been significantly increased. The supply chain management has been accelerating. The value-added business has become a new growth point, and the cold chain logistics cluster has developed rapidly. The increase in demand has intensified competition in the domestic cold chain logistics refrigeration equipment market.

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