China's B2B Alliance broke 2000 members

Recently, guided by the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "China Industry Website Development Summit Forum and China's B2B Alliance Member Breakthrough 2000 Celebrations" co-sponsored by the Mingwan Group and the China B2B Alliance has been held in the Beijing International Convention Center. . The leaders of the Department of Informatization Promotion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Development Promotion Center attended the forum and delivered speeches.

The forum revolved around these hot issues that plagued the development of industry websites, pointing out that the exchanges and cooperation among the industry's e-commerce companies, the realization of resource sharing, and the co-building of the industrial chain system are a major development trend. The China B2B Alliance is set up under such a big environment and launches the “network navigation” project on the basis of the alliance. The alliance establishes a connection between each other through the aggregation of high-quality industry website resources and makes product information more abundant. The search is more accurate, and the entire alliance's customer traffic is driven by the search engine optimization of the online navigation. Since its establishment in April 2010, the number of members of the China B2B Alliance has reached 2,000 in just over a year, and it is expected that the total number of leagues will exceed 2,500 by the end of the year. Full coverage of 45 industries, the "community" business model will be an organic combination of two types of B2B e-commerce development model, both industry vertical B2B e-commerce Web site "fine" and "deep", there are integrated The wide coverage of B2B e-commerce, thus achieving the effect of “complete zero and full coverage” of B2B e-commerce. According to statistics, at present, PV traffic through navigation through the alliance has reached 270,000, covering more than 69% of corporate procurement personnel and over 76% of business owners, achieving accurate coverage of vertical B2B e-commerce. The promotion of products by companies through alliances not only greatly reduces promotion costs, but also achieves high accuracy of the population and high coverage of the industry chain.

Zhang Tongming, chairman of the China B2B Alliance, pointed out that since the establishment of the alliance, the company has continuously absorbed high-quality industry websites based on the principle of high standards and strict requirements. At present, the alliance members have exceeded the 2,000 mark, among which Top100 has more than 50 industry websites. Achieved a staged victory. The Alliance has always provided a cost-effective network promotion platform for under-funded SMEs on the principle of “jointly and service-oriented enterprises”. It has also launched a series of activities, including exhibitions, salons, and competitiveness projects, which have effectively provided businesses with effective services. And good service.

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