Capital Airport's airport construction fee earns one year after returning to an airport

I don't know which philosopher said it, and I don't remember from which book I saw a sentence: You don't say I still understand, you don't understand it when you say it. The capital airport construction fee is such a thing.

Recently released by the Capital Airport Co., Ltd. 2006 interim results announcement: Before June 30, the Capital Airport, in addition to the three aviation businesses, "received an airport construction fee of 1.067 billion yuan. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration. The Capital Airport shall charge the airport construction fee to each departing Beijing passenger on behalf of the Civil Aviation Administration. The domestic passengers are 50 yuan and the international passengers are 70 yuan. After that, 50% of all income will be returned to the Capital Airport by the Civil Aviation Administration as its income."

After reading the above announcement, I don't understand: This is more than 1 billion yuan, which is 50% of the return of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, or half of the airport construction fee. If it is 50% of the return, the total revenue of airport construction fees for the first half of the year should be more than 2 billion. This figure is not surprising, weeping. We will spend more than 1 billion as the total number of airport fees for half a year.

This is easy to settle: half a year + half a year, at least 2.1 billion airport construction fees throughout the year.

As I said before, this is the income outside the three aviation businesses. In the first half of the year, aircraft take-off and landing and related expenses were 426 million, passenger service fees were 347 million, airport fees were 310 million, and three aviation business revenues totaled 1.083 billion for half a year. The same half year + half year, the whole year is expected to be more than 2.1 billion yuan.

The income account has not been completed. The airport also has a non-aeronautical revenue, of which only one car park revenue was 26.73 million in the first half of the year. At least 50 million or more throughout the year. The number of advertisements and other items has not been reported, and it is estimated by 50 million yuan throughout the year.

In summary, the capital airport's annual revenue is more than 4.3 billion.

If my memory does not make a big mistake, the investment in the new airport No. 2 at the airport in 1999 was 3 billion. At that time, Vice Mayor Zhang Baifa said at a citywide city construction system cadre meeting, the audience was more than a thousand. That is to say, the income of the airport for one year can recover all the investment of the year. The investment in the new terminal building No. 3 (also known as the new airport) under construction is 16.7 billion. I estimate that it should recover all the investment in about 3 years.

The income account of the airport is generally understood. The other half does not understand the consumer account. Passengers departed from the Capital Airport, the airport received the take-off and landing of airlines and related expenses, and received passenger airport construction fees, "eat the plaintiff to eat the defendant", this incident is evil. We took the subway or the bus and did not pay the subway construction fee or the bus station fee. The fare is already included. You think that the airport has low income, the airport can overcharge the airline's money, and the airlines raise the fare. Passengers bought a ticket and took the plane from the airport, of course, just like the hotel to pay for meals, no need to pay the kitchen construction fee. The current airport construction fee, as Confucius said: the name is not correct, the words are not smooth, and the income is unreasonable.

The most outrageous thing in the world is that the Civil Aviation Administration has taken half of the airport construction fee. This time, I didn’t know how to get confused - it’s hard to get confused - I really don’t understand. Passengers are not leaving Hong Kong from the Civil Aviation Administration. What do you take for half? If it is to build the Civil Aviation Administration Building, it has already been enough. If it is to build an airport across the country, is it a duty for guests departing from the Capital Airport? If it is approved by the Ministry of Finance, it does not seem like the market economy we are regulating. I have not imagined that the construction economy has not received airport construction fees. Therefore, the Civil Aviation Administration of China took half of the airport construction fee from passengers. It is neither a planned economy nor a market economy, nor a mixed economy. It is not named, and it uses a phrase from the international power politics: a powerful economy.

Under the powerful economy, how can people enjoy affordable aviation? Let the people share the fruits of development, perhaps more than the ideological work of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Capital Airport.

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