Amazon China abandons free strategy: less than 29 yuan to receive shipping fees

Sina Technology News February 2 morning news, Amazon (microblogging) China announced that the adjustment of commodity distribution standards, the original insisted on free shipping policy for self-selling goods, changed to less than 29 yuan plus 5 yuan shipping fee. This means that the last B2C mall, which is the last full-field free-of-charge, will eventually choose to increase the free delivery threshold after a few months.

At present, the Amazon China home page has already issued a notice of “free shipping with 29 yuan free shipping” in a prominent position. According to Amazon’s newly adjusted standards, users can enjoy free delivery if they purchase more than 29 yuan worth of eligible products, otherwise they will pay an additional 5 yuan for delivery. . The so-called qualified products refer to the products sold and shipped by Amazon.

In addition, if the order is changed and the total amount is lower than the threshold of 29 yuan, it will also need to pay the shipping fee.

Amazon China’s move heralded that the last integrated shopping mall in China that insists on free shipping for the whole audience has to follow the overall cost reduction trend of the B2C e-commerce website.

On November 22 last year, JD (Dianbo) Mall, which had implemented free shipping for the whole game, adjusted its logistics strategy and announced that it would charge 5 yuan for orders of less than 39 yuan. A month later, the original free-of-charge New Egg (Weibo) Mall in the first-tier cities also announced an increase in the free shipping threshold: Free shipping for a single full 99 yuan.

At that time, Wang Hanhua, president of Amazon China, once stated that logistics and distribution are an extremely important part of the consumer shopping experience. Considering that e-commerce is still in its infancy in China, Amazon China has always adhered to the principle of free shipping for self-sale products, hoping to attract more consumers, which is also conducive to promoting the development of the entire e-commerce industry in China.

It is understood that the current e-commerce site, only Suning Tesco (microblogging), etc. are still insisting on the whole game free shipping strategy. (Shu stone)

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