A week of civil aviation business dynamics review (2006.09.04-09.10)

Private aviation:

Huaxia Airlines became the first private regional airline operating in China . Huaxia Airlines has confirmed September 16 Officially opened, it became the first private regional airline to be put into operation in China. China Airlines is Che-hung industrial holding group companies, four fund-raising 80 million yuan of private enterprises set up investment, currently Shandong Airlines has leased three CRJ200 aircraft, plans to start daily operations Guiyang Airport as a base. In the poor management of private aviation, a shout of sorrow, the first low-cost airline in China , which has sailed for more than a year , Chunqiu Airlines began to report good news yesterday . From January to August this year , Spring Airlines, which has only three aircrafts, has successfully achieved profitability. With a fare lower than the industry average of 36 %, the company's profitability exceeded 10 million yuan. All fares airline Spring Airlines average discount rate 3.8 fold, while traditional airlines an average discount of 40 percent off, comparatively speaking, Spring Airlines tickets cheaper by 36%. Although there are already profits, in all aspects, Spring Airlines still has a lot of pressure, such as the number of aircraft is too small, the pilots are lacking, and the routes are cold. These are the unfavorable factors that need to be overcome in future development.

Other airlines:

Hainan Airlines announced the purchase after purchase ERJ145 and EMBRAER190 50 aircraft each week on the introduction of new Boeing 767 aircraft to Shanghai Fleet size to 47 aircraft. This is the first time that Shanghai Airlines has been flying directly from Shanghai to Shanghai by a flight crew who has been flying uninterrupted for 12 and a half hours from Seattle, USA, without a foreign pilot . Shanghai Airlines has made major adjustments to the cabin layout of the newly introduced aircraft, setting up 28 business class and 200 economy class . In order to improve the service quality of Shanghai Airlines, the aircraft is attracting high-end business travelers and is close to the service level of the International Star Alliance. The Boeing 767-300ER aircraft of Shanghai Airlines will carry out the charter flights between the two sides of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Shanghai Airlines will also be at September 4th Introduced a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. So far, Shanghai Airlines has introduced six new aircraft this year . Among them, this month introduced two new aircraft will immediately put the upcoming October "Golden Week" passenger transport. At the same time, China Eastern Airlines Yunnan Branch introduced a 737-700 and also arrived in Kunming. The number of aircraft fleet up to 33. China Eastern Airlines has clearly established Kunming as an important strategic base and regional hub, and in order to comply with the needs of Yunnan's local economic construction and Yunnan's strategic implementation of connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia's international major channels, China Eastern Airlines will introduce new ones according to market conditions. Long-range aircraft, increase the capacity of the base in Kunming, and open more new routes. China Southern Airlines created a domestic first this week: the first to successfully use the fifth freedom rights among domestic airlines . September 6 China Southern Airlines flight CZ458 successfully returned from Guangzhou to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. This time, the Pudong - Mumbai - Dubai charter flight, China Southern Airlines successfully used the fifth freedom right for the first time. This is the first time for domestic airlines to successfully use the fifth freedom rights . The use of the fifth freedom rights to open up the Pudong - Mumbai - Dubai route to carry out the sales and transportation of goods from the third country to the destination, so that the sales of charter flights gradually shifted from a single point-to-point to a single-shift multi-point sales, enriching the products of China Southern Airlines. Expanded business channels, increased flight operating income, reduced risk, and changed the situation of goods in East China to Mumbai and Dubai in Hong Kong. In terms of agents, China Southern Airlines began to fully implement the electronic ticket online city check-in service . China Southern Airlines September 8 From Fully relax the restrictions on the agent's online city check-in service. As long as the passenger purchases the electronic ticket of China Southern Airlines' domestic flight (the flight in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area is not processed), it can be registered at the agent of China Southern Airlines authorized to apply for the city check-in system. The machine is registered, and you can apply for the check-in procedure for Guangzhou and Beijing transit. Previously, the service was used by passengers who purchased 50 % off (including 50 % off) e-tickets for China Southern Airlines domestic flights . At present, China Southern Airlines is the first airline in China to open an online city check-in service for agents.

Hong Kong and Macao:

Hong Kong's first low-cost airline, Ganquan Airlines, will be officially put into use First flight to London . Ganquan Hong Kong Airlines will be at October 25 Officially providing air services, the first flight will fly directly to London. The new company emphasizes plans to develop other routes, including cities in Europe and North America. Now Ganquan Hong Kong Airlines has two Boeing 747 aircraft, which are second-hand passenger aircraft from Singapore Airlines. The company's goal is to increase to five passenger aircraft next year , with an initial investment of about $100 million. Meanwhile Oasis is planning an initial public offering, plans to raise public equity financing ten billion dollars. Even with the 10 billion financing, the impact of Ganquan’s move on the local aviation market is limited. At present, the aviation market competition in Hong Kong has become increasingly hot. At present, in addition to Cathay Pacific, there are also “ old ” companies such as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic . Therefore, in addition to the impact on the price of air tickets, Ganquan Airlines is still in a weak position.

other aspects:

During the “ Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Hunan Province will add two new civilian airports . "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Hunan Province will add two civil airports, then, the Hunan civilian airport will be increased to 7, 14 cities will have half of the airport. Zhang Zhizhong, director of the Planning and Development Finance Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, revealed at the forum that during the " 11th Five-Year Plan" period, the Civil Aviation Administration of China will speed up the construction of the airport in the central region. All the provincial capital cities in the central six provinces will be renovated and expanded, and Yueyang and Hengyang will be added. There are 6 small airports in Jiuhuashan, Zhumadian, Yi and Yichun . During the “ Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the Civil Aviation Administration of China will allocate special funds of 700 million, 500 million and 400 million yuan to Hunan, Shanxi and Henan for airport construction. Emirates Airlines celebrates the opening of the direct flight from Dubai to Beijing . World's fastest growing airlines - Emirates Airlines of Dubai non-stop flights from Beijing opened. After Shanghai and Hong Kong, Beijing became the third destination of Emirates Airlines in China and the 18th destination in Asia Pacific . In 2006 , Emirates Airlines opened new routes in Malawi, Abidjan, Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Trivandrum (India) and Kolkata, Hamburg and Nagoya. In addition to Beijing, new routes will be opened in Tunisia and Bangalore (India) this year.

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