A review of civil aviation business dynamics in the week (2006.09.25-10.15)

After a wonderful holiday, let us first pay attention to the situation of private aviation:

China's first private regional airline was put into operation on September 25 . The company is funded by four private and foreign-funded enterprises, including Hongshang Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 80 million yuan. In the initial stage of operation, Guiyang Airport will be used as a base airport to operate three regional flights in Guizhou Province, and Guiyang to Nanning and Zhanjiang. Route. Unlike previous private airlines, China Airlines will not compete with existing domestic airlines for the existing aviation trunk market, but will focus on the huge potential but not yet developed the regional aviation market. At the same time put into Anhui in east China's first private airline operators, which marks the aviation market into a state-owned Anhui, local and private aviation tripartite participation of the new pattern of competition. “ Hefei Lianhua Aviation Management Company ” is an aviation enterprise with private capital as the main body. It is jointly established by private Okay Aviation Co., Ltd., Anhui Private Enterprise Anhui Lianhua Industrial Company and Anhui Civil Aviation Airport Group Co., Ltd. This is also Anhui. The first private aviation company in the province. The company has a Boeing 737 passenger aircraft.

Other airline and airport news:

Capital Airport will place a new H- share of HK$ 1 billion Used for the third phase of expansion . According to insiders of the Capital Airport, the company plans to place 200 million shares through UBS, with a price of HK$ 5.05 to HK$ 5.26 per share, and the financing amount will reach HK$ 1 billion. In the face of the three-phase expansion project of the 25 billion yuan Capital Airport that will be taken over next year, the Capital Airport has finally taken the first step of financing. The placement of the Hong Kong stock market is only the first step in financing the Beijing Capital Airport. The company will also start multi-faceted financing, which does not rule out the return to the A- share market. Located in the southwest Sichuan Airlines join hands together to build the western Chongqing airport transit golden port. Sichuan Airlines will increase its capacity in Chongqing and cooperate with Chongqing Airport Group Co., Ltd. to build the first brand of China Western Airlines transit: “ Western Shuttle, Chongqing Transit ” . The tourism resources of the western provinces and the Three Gorges tourism will be well integrated and interacted to build a more optimized “ tourist golden circle ” in the west, providing passengers with convenient, fast and perfect travel services. Nanjing Lukou Airport, located in the Yangtze River Delta, will also be finalized to introduce strategic investor plans during the year . Choose one of Singapore Changi Airport and Schiphol NV Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The State Administration of Civil Aviation's restrictions on foreign participation in domestic airports are limited to more than 49% . At present, Lukou Airport is a 100% holding company of the Jiangsu Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Xu Yong said that the ratio of shares sold is 35% to 45% , and the price is undecided.

News from Hong Kong and Macao:

Cathay Pacific Airways is about to complete its acquisition of Dragonair . In June , Cathay Pacific agreed to acquire shares of Dragonair, which it does not own, from AVIC Industrial Co., Ltd., CITIC Pacific Limited and its parent company, Taikoo Co., Ltd. As part of the $ 12.29 billion deal, Cathay Pacific will increase its stake in flagship airline Air China Ltd. ( Air China Ltd. ) from 10% to 17.5% , while China Air China will hold a 17.5% stake in Cathay Pacific. Compared with Hong Kong, Air Macau has more than 180,000 tons of cargo in September. The highest monthly record , a 24% increase over the same period last year. This is the result of Qantas' active efforts to cooperate with Hong Kong and Taiwan in the Mainland. At the same time, thanks to the rapid development of Macao's logistics industry, it has provided sufficient supply for Qantas.

Other news:

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Civil Aviation Administration of China plan to initiate a linkage mechanism for oil price . The National Development and Reform Commission, the Civil Aviation Administration and the China Air Transport Association have plans to jointly launch a linkage mechanism between jet fuel prices and airline carrier prices to address issues such as ticket prices and fuel surcharges that are currently of general concern to consumers. Current domestic routes 800 km The fuel surcharge for the following segments is 60 yuan. 800 km (Including) The above segment is 100 yuan. Wei Zhenzhong said that no airline has offered to levy a standard for the reduction of fuel surcharges. At present, consumers have a greater response to the standard of fuel surcharges, and low-cost tickets have become a constraint for airlines. “The mechanism of starting the linkage is to find a way to properly handle the relationship between airlines and consumers. To achieve a win-win result, Hongdu Aviation is expected to acquire a portion of the A320 China assembly line . The Airbus A320 series aircraft assembly line project has been officially located in Tianjin Binhai New Area. This cooperation is of great significance to China and Europe Airbus. Hongdu Aviation, as an important listed company under the AVIC II Group, is expected to participate in sharing the 20 % stake in the Airbus A320 assembly line .

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