9th: Dell Adjusts Cloud Server Architecture to Strengthen Competitiveness

US enterpriseapplications: Dell adjusts cloud server architecture to enhance enterprise cloud server competitiveness Dell has added Salesforce Service Cloud to its Integrated CRM cloud server to help it accelerate its business contact with customers while making it from call center to social The entire channel of the network becomes more sensitive. This move also helps the company integrate key interactive information for each of its business functions.

It is reported that this new Integrated CRM cloud server integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud features will be delivered to users through web subscriptions.

In order to connect the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to any number of cloud servers, as well as Saas, or applications based on it, Dell's cloud computing services company Boomi integrates cloud server capabilities.

Softpedia: Intel announced several chips delisting LGA 1155 is expected to retreat in 2012, Intel recently announced plans to suspend the production of five LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge processors. The LGA 1155 is Intel's new processor this year. It includes three Pentium processors and two second-generation Core models that use a 32nm core manufacturing process.

In its Product Change Notice (PCN), Intel mentioned that market demand has shifted from LGA 1155 to other company products and planned to withdraw from the market. The first five models to be discontinued were announced: Core i5-2300, Core i3-2100T, Pentium G840, G620, and G620T. Orders for the above five processors will not be cancelled or returned after June 29, 2012. The final shipment date will be December 7, 2012, and the boxed version will be available.

The Core i5-2300, Core i3-2100T and the remaining three Pentium processors were released in early 2011 and the second quarter of 2011, respectively. They are the first members of the Sandy Bridge family. Since then, Intel has been working on the market frequently and has released new models of Sandy Bridge processor components. From this point of view, the speed of elimination in just six months of publication is also understandable.

At the same time, Intel will release a series of new Ivy Bridge processors in 2012. The delisting of the above products will release sufficient production lines for the launch of new products.

With the retiring of the Core i5-2300 and Core i3-2100T, their status will be replaced by the Core i5-2310 and Core i3-2120T, respectively, and the latter two are clocked up by 100MHz. The three new Pentium Pentium G840, G620, and G620T will also be replaced by the faster Pentium G850, G630, and G630T, respectively.

Trustedreviews: Apple will launch the iMac new version of the computer with built-in TV capabilities in the first half of next year. Apple will launch a new version of the iMac (all-in-one) with built-in TV capabilities in the first half of 2012. This move will lay the foundation for Apple’s launch of a full-featured TV product next Christmas.

Brian Blair, analyst at U.S. investment firm Wedge Partners, said: “By taking advantage of the high-end and larger screens of the iMac product line by integrating the Apple TV with iCloud capabilities into a lighter all-in-one. The TV market. Apple may have begun work on the production line, and gradually realize its product transition from 27 inches to 32 inches, and then transition to the 42-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch market."

In addition, some industry analysts believe that when Apple's "iTV" TV set is launched during Christmas next year, it is expected that "iTV" will use Sharp's LCD display, and Apple may provide three. A size of television. It is reported that Apple's iMac new version of the computer will have all the features Apple TV currently has, such as streaming movies, TV shows and other functions, and users can also access the iCloud content through the new Apple iMac computer.

UK ZDNet: Nokia plans to sell its luxury mobile phone brand Vertu

According to the "Financial Times" report on Thursday, Nokia has commissioned Goldman Sachs to sell its luxury mobile phone brand Vertu.

A person familiar with the matter said that Nokia had commissioned Goldman Sachs to be responsible for Vertu's entire sale process and was in preliminary discussions. No Vertu department valuations have been given, but it is estimated that Vertu's mobile phone revenue will be between 200 million Euros and 300 million Euros.

Another source said that considering the increase in Vertu users and the possibility of cross-selling, private equity institutions and luxury brands have expressed interest in Vertu.

Nokia founded Vertu in 1998 and is targeting luxury users. Because Vertu phones use precious metal components, each Vertu phone costs up to 200,000 pounds (314,000 US dollars), has stores in more than 60 countries, and is very popular in Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

Despite the good sales of Vertu mobile phones, double-digit sales growth was achieved in 2010. But Vertu and Nokia's most brands will part ways, Nokia is planning an internal restructuring, using Microsoft Windows Phone platform on high-end mobile phones, and Vertu phones will not use Windows Phone platform.

Computing: Rackspace's chief technology officer: Oracle and SAP "are panicked"

John Engates, cloud computing platform vendor Rackspace’s chief technology officer, said today that software giants Oracle and SAP are “panicked” because they are slow to enter the cloud market. SAP recently acquired SuccessFactors, a cloud computing company, and Oracle recently acquired RightNow, a cloud computing service provider. These moves reflect the "willingness" of Oracle and SAP in 2012.

Angus said: "Given the development of the software industry, the future software giants will have to integrate their cloud services with existing businesses, so now the two large software developers have almost reached a level of panic. That's why we see the reasons for SAP's acquisition of acquisitions such as SuccessFactors and we are likely to see more acquisitions in the next 12 months."

Angus believes that in SaaS (software as a service) companies such as customer relationship management software and cloud computing solutions provider Salesforce. After the success of com, Oracle and SAP customers will require the company to provide a clear cloud "roadmap." Angus said that if Oracle and SAP do not have a roadmap to "absorb" the public cloud, then their customers will choose other companies, and customers will not accept old products after "repackaging." Mergers and acquisitions will help solve this problem because the software giants' mergers and acquisitions prove that they are walking on the right track. However, Angus pointed out that at any time in the near future, Oracle or SAP are unlikely to adopt a completely cloud-based business model, because it is too difficult for them.

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