Purchase restriction can only be a transitional policy

The current scene is unprecedented, and the housing price issue has become a political issue. The relevant state ministries and commissions have stated that they will conduct assessments and accountability on the stability of housing prices and housing security for local governments, condu-----

China's B2B Alliance broke 2000 members

Recently, guided by the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "China Industry Website Development Summit Forum and China's B2B Alliance Member Breakthrough 2000 Celebrations" co-sponsored by the Mingwan Group and the Chin-----

Limit purchase order list "difficult to produce&qu…

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development requires the provincial housing and construction bureaus of all provinces to submit a list of cities that need to take necessary purchase restrictions before August 20th, but the list of second- and third-tier cities' purchase restric-----