EUR/USD resistance at 1.4000, support at 1.3880

On Wednesday (October 26), in the Asian market, the euro/dollar maintained its pattern of movement in a narrow range and is currently trading at 1.3923. Tuesday (October 25) closed at 1.3909, down 0.14%. Despite the recent negative news related to Europe’s response to the debt cris-----

Weibo into marketing weapon VANCL classic "bib mar…

Microblogging, an exotic product inherited from the foreign Twitter model, is now gradually deepening into the Chinese Internet. Similar to foreign countries such as the US presidential election and the top-ten microblogging public relations marketing of the top 500 companies, microbloggin-----

US stocks rose to a seven-week high, USD/CHF sent gains

On Tuesday (October 18), the US PPI data and NAHB house price index were higher than expected, boosting U.S. stocks higher. In the end, the Guardian stated that France and Germany agreed to expand the size of the bailout fund to 2 trillion euros. US stocks expanded their gains to 7-week hi-----

How Hollywood Plays Advertisements

This collective appearance in Hollywood's four domestic brands, in addition to already familiar with Metersbonwe, the other three domestic brands are trying to make friends with Hollywood for the first time. So, we saw that in the first 5 minutes of the film, the MTEE logo was printed -----

Guang Mingding's masculinity and success

China News Service, October 17th, October 14th: As the "young priest" Xiaozhao Gao raises up the flames, the "Finding the Bright Summit" team Kunlun Mountains "Sacred Fire Collection Ceremony" has also officially declared successful. At the same time, it also means th-----